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A story of multi-generational passion and love to folk art


My adventure with creating folk handicrafts began in my childhood. For as long as I can remember, tradition and traditional handicrafts have been present in my home, because I grew up in Podlasie - in Leipzig on the Biebrza, where Grandma (Kazimiera Wnukowska) and Mother (Barbara Rutkowska), being folk artists, made Easter eggs using the batik technique and other traditional decorations. As a child, I really liked and still like this extraordinary period of preparing Easter eggs, which is conducive to talking together, spending time together, when there is a characteristic smell of beeswax at home. I also have very fond memories of the time when, together with Grandma, we made Christmas tree decorations made of straw and tissue paper. I was delighted with how Grandma was able to create amazing wonders from a few straws and colored tissue paper.



It is our family tradition, nurtured and passed down from generation to generation. I've always loved listening to Grandma's stories about how all kinds of decorations were made by hand in her childhood. The stories and customs related to Christmas and Easter were particularly interesting. Grandma always emphasized how important it is to save the tradition from oblivion and pass it on to future generations. For her activity for the benefit of Polish Culture and her creative achievements, she was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit (a decoration awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland), and her image was also placed on a mural in Leipzig. It was the attitudes of Grandma and Mom that inspired me to start activities aimed at promoting folk art.

Experience and knowledge


The experience gained while working with children in kindergarten and at school allowed me to adapt classes to individual age groups (kindergarten, school, adults).

Since June 25, 2011, I have been a member of the Folk Artists' Association (artistic output: ritual art - pisanki)

The participants of my workshops gain knowledge about Polish traditions, customs, history and have the opportunity to make a selected handicraft on their own. The workshops are aimed at integration, expanding knowledge, acquiring new skills and sometimes also training patience ... However, their most important role is that together we can save the tradition from oblivion.



I am a teacher of preschool and early childhood education, a philologist and an MBA graduate by education. Promoting folk art is my passion. I love contact with people, their curiosity, commitment to the work performed and the joy of the result obtained. The combination of many of these factors resulted in my conducting various shows and workshops of folk and artistic handicrafts for both children and adults.


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