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Handmade Easter eggs using the traditional batik technique!

These Easter eggs are 100% authentic Polish handicraft, as they were handmade by me using the traditional batik technique. This decorating process involves applying heated beeswax to an egg shell using a tailor's pin. For dot-dash patterns a stick with a bead-headed straight pin is used. When creating each design element, the pin must be placed in the melted wax and transferred to the shell as quickly as possible to compose the design. One dip of the pin in the wax allows you to make just one line or dot. Because of that, in order to achieve different colored patterns, the shell should be dyed repeatedly.

Each Easter egg is unique, as each has been hand-decorated by me with patterns inspired by the folk art of Podlasie. Each of them is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with an individual registration number confirming that it is a handmade product. On request, the Easter eggs can have pendants with bows.

The chicken Easter eggs shown in the pictures were made by me using the batik technique, while the ostrich Easter eggs show patterns taken from nature - they are not traditional.

The offered products were created out of my love and passion for creating handicrafts and the traditional folk art of handed-down passed on by previous generations.



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